Some members of St Mary's Choir
Photographed by Jim Ringland - Eastbourne Photographic Society

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Music is an important ministry and  has its own place amongst others.

Oratio Griffi summed up the power of  music in the Roman Oratory, In his preface to Anerio's 'Teatro Armonico Spirituale' (1619) as  'drawing 

with a sweet deception the sinners to the holy that people, being allured by song and tender words, would be more disposed to spiritual profit; nor was your idea in vain, since some, coming...only to hear the music, and then remaining, moved and captivated by the sermons and the other holy exercises...., have become servants of God'.

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We hope to see you at one of our weekly services or at Christmas or Easter. If you would like to have an informal chat about singing with us, or are considering a position as a Choral or Organ Scholar, please contact us via our contacts page.


We presently have vacancies in all parts.
Please contact us if you are interested in joining.

 Choral  Scholarships are available.
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